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To graduate high school in Ohio, you'll need to earn a "competency” score of 684 or higher on the English Language Arts II and Algebra I (or Integrated Math I) end-of-course tests. If you don't score high enough on your first attempt, you'll be able to take the test again. From there, you'll be introduced to a variety of alternatives that you can pursue in order to meet the competency requirement.

Scroll down to learn about other ways to demonstrate competency!

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If testing isn't your strong suit there are plenty of alternative ways for you to demonstrate competency. Learn more about them below:


College Credit Plus

To demonstrate competency via the College Credit Plus program, you can earn credit for the subject(s) you didn't earn a competency score in. For example, if you meet the competency score on the English Language Arts II test, but not on the Algebra I test, you would only need to earn College Credit Plus math credit. 

Read the requirements below.


  • English Language Arts II: College Credit Plus courses that may satisfy competency demonstration under the English II end-of-course exam include courses in literature, composition, journalism, speech, and applied communications. 

  • Algebra I: College Credit Plus courses that may satisfy the competency demonstration under Algebra I end-of-course exam include any non-remedial college math course.



If you earn a remediation-free score in the Math or English subject areas on the ACT or SAT, that would also satisfy your Math and English competency requirements.


Career Experience and Technical Skill

You can demonstrate competency by gaining career expertise or a technical skill. To satisfy this option you need to complete two of the options from the below list of seven, and at least one of them needs to be a 'foundational' option. 

General Requirements:  


  1. Earn a cumulative score of proficient or higher on three or more WebXams in a single career pathway;  

  2. Earn a 12-point approved Industry-Recognized Credential or group of credentials totaling 12 points in a single career field;  

  3. Complete a pre-apprenticeship program, which program should be recognized by the Ohio State Apprentice Council (OSAC), complete an OSAC registered apprenticeship in the student’s chosen career field, or show evidence of acceptance into an OSAC registered apprenticeship program after high school if the program requires a student to be 18 years of age or older. 

  4. Obtain a State-Issued License for practice in a vocation that requires an examination. 


  1. Complete a 250-hour Work-Based Learning experience with evidence of positive evaluations;  

  2. Earn the workforce readiness score on WorkKeys*; or  

  3. Earn the OhioMeansJobs-Readiness Seal

*The score for this assessment is still being determined. For past classes, the required score has been 14.  


Military Enlistment

You may also satisfy your competency requirements by enlisting in the Military. 

To show evidence of enlistment, you need to provide to a signed copy of the Department of Defense Form Enlistment/Reenlistment (DD Form 4) enlistment contract to your district or school. This is the same for all branches of services. 

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