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If you enjoy learning about new languages and cultures, you should consider earning your Biliteracy Seal. The Seal of Biliteracy is given to students who speak English and at least one other language proficiently.


Being able to speak, understand, and write multiple languages will open up new opportunities and help you unlock your future. The Seal of Biliteracy exists to:

  • Encourage the study of languages;

  • Certify the attainment of biliteracy;

  • Give employers insights on the skills of graduates;

  • Give universities an additional mechanism to identify strong candidates for admission and scholarship;

  • Prepare students with 21st century skills;

  • Recognize the value of foreign and native language instruction; and

  • Strengthen intergroup relationships and affirm the value of diversity.

How Can I Earn This Seal?:

  1. Demonstrate eligibility for a high school diploma;

  2. Demonstrate English language arts proficiency; and

  3. Demonstrate world language proficiency.

Click 'MORE' to learn how to satisfy these requirements.

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