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OHIO'S college ready seal


With Ohio’s long-term graduation requirements, you now need to demonstrate readiness as a part of earning your diploma. To do this, you'll need to earn at least two seals, one of which being a state-defined seal. 

The College Ready Seal is a state-defined seal. You can earn the College Ready Seal by earning remediation-free scores on the ACT or SAT.

General Requirements:

Ohio Revised Code Section 3313.6114(C)(2) 

To earn the College and Career Readiness Seal, students must earn remediation-free scores on the ACT or SAT, as outlined below.

Technology 2.jpg
Student Engagement 2.jpg
Biliteracy 2.jpg
Science 2.jpg
Ohio Means Jobs Readiness 2.jpg
Military Enlistment 2.jpg
Industry Recognized Credential 2.jpg
Honors Diploma 2.jpg
Fine and Performing Arts 2.jpg
Community Service 2.jpg
College Ready 2.jpg
Citizenship 2.jpg

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College Ready 1.jpg



How are remediation-free scores determined?

The Ohio Department of Higher Education works with Ohio universities to set the remediation-free scores for the ACT and SAT (Ohio Revised Code Section 3345.061(F)).

What happens if the remediation-free scores change while a student is in high school?

The Ohio Department of Education will communicate the remediation-free scores needed to meet the graduation requirement in the spring of the students’ junior (grade 11) year before they take the state-sponsored test. The remediation-free score that is in place on Feb 1 of a student's junior year is the score needed to satisfy the requirements for the College Ready Seal. Any changes after Feb. 1 each year will affect only future groups of students.

Do students need to earn remediation-free scores in all areas of the test?

Yes. Students must earn remediation-free scores in each of the three subscore areas, two in English language arts and one in mathematics.

Will students have the opportunity to take one of these tests in school?

Yes. State law requires districts and community schools to administer the state-funded ACT or SAT to all grade 11 students in the spring of the school year. Each year, districts and schools will select the test to administer to their juniors. 

Can a student who earns the College Readiness Seal also use the ACT or SAT remediation free competency alternative?

Yes. Students may apply their remediation free scores to meet both the competency pathway requirements and earn the College Readiness Seal. 

Can students super score?

Yes.  Each student may use the highest score in each subscore from multiple administrations of a test to meet the student’s graduation requirement pathway. This would include the state-funded administration, which all Ohio students will take in the spring of their junior year and additional attempts that students take and fund through non-state resources during their academic careers.

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